From snowy mountains to table

Natural spring water

Mineral Ingredients


8-30 mg/dm3

Calcium is a mineral that holds most of the body in the human body.


2-8 mg/dm3

Magnesium, one of the major minerals in the body, is a necessary combination.


<50 mg/dm3

Natrium is present in all foods and is involved in metabolism


<15 mg/dm3

It is the most common method for neutralizing potable water.



Increases the concentration of hydrogen ions by adding acid to the water.


3.5-5.0 mg/dm3

The quality of the water depends on its mineralization.

What is Water?

Water is a transparent and colorless chemical that forms the main part of the Earth's axis, lake, sea and oceans, as well as fluids in living things. Water, which consists of hydrogen and oxygen, is the second important thing for human life after the air. About 50-70 percent of living organisms are water. Although it is possible to live for weeks without eating, it is impossible to live without thirst for several days. The human body needs water to stay healthy and provide enough blood. That's why water is sometimes called "secret food".

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Kiçik Qafqaz MMC
Oz Gadabay waters are an ideal water for cooking dishes, for athletes and children. Products can be purchased from our country's markets.
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Healthy Ingredients
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Useful water is in the mountains!

The source of our water is produced from the deepest parts of the Gadabay Mountains, where there is no technogenic effect and the nature itself. Water from ecologically clean areas will be a long-lasting source for you.

Your family’s water

One of the most important elements for the well-being of your family is water. Ozgadabay waters come to your table from the cleanest and deepest places of nature. Our water is your source of strength and energy.

Ozgadabay waters are obtained from clean fountains such as crystals coming from ecologically clean Gadabay Mountains. It meets all food safety standards.

Clean Water - Quality Standards

A complex of technological poses aimed at bringing the quality of water to the established norms is equipped with modern equipment.

110 000 000 leter/year

We produce Ozgadabay waters to provide people with clean and potable water. And we always consider our business to be in line with customer feedback.

1200-1400 metr

The source of water comes from a fountain located in ecologically clean Gedebey Mountains, which is higher than 1200-1400 meter.

3 sources

Ozgadabay waters are derived from 3 sources.
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Our fountains


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