Based on the information provided by world-renowned elders and lads, since there was no document on the origins of Soyuqbulag, we came to the conclusion that the first houses in the area were built in 1925-26. Our fathers, who settled in Novo-Spasovka (now Pirbulag) for some time, left that village and laid the foundations for a new settlement. In 1926 12 families moved to this country. These facts have been confirmed by a 100-year-old grandmother, Aliyeva. Soyuqbulag’s eyes are so natural that he looks at the man. In the juncture of the two streams – a creek that begins at the foot of the Tup Mountain and where the Soyuqbulag valley unites, in a mysterious valley, a cold spring. The rock that forms at the height of two to three meters in the form of a semi-arc on the top of the fountain is reminiscent of the ruins of ancient castles. There was an area above the roof above the pool. There are unusual minerals that are unknown to anybody in the fountain’s water. No matter what season of the year, how much you drink from the water, there is no mood. Whatever you eat, if you drink from the cold water, it is everywhere. The mood improves, the person feels very good. And because of these qualities, it is called “Soyuqbulag” instead of other springs.