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Ozgadabay - Our history, as it is!

Our factory uses only the most up-to-date equipment that meets modern standards. In our technology, we use stainless steel.

Gadabay, a historic place in the western part of Azerbaijan, has managed to cast a balloon not only with its history, but also its nature. Gadabay, a part of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, is full of history and history. Gadabay was also known for his tolerance. Gadabay is one of the places where males live in Azerbaijan. Gadabay, known for its ancient history, beautiful nature and ecologically clean air, has many clean and pure water sources. Many mountains and streams flow from these mountains are the source of life. Our Ozgadabay waters are famous for their ancient history. Ozgadabay waters come from a fountain called Soyuqbulag and become an indispensable part of your meals. The question arises that all the springs are cold, and what is the difference of our water? It is in the works that there are natural features that are not found in many sources in the Soyuqbulag water. There are many minerals and vital nutrients in the Cold Water. These minerals are also your source of energy. Özgadabay water is a long life source!

Water collecting

Water from the underground wells is supplied to the stainless steel storage tanks by corrosion-resistant and sedimentary pipes.


The water passes through special equipment to eliminate all mechanical impurities, gases, radioactive substances and small particles, giving it crystal clearness.

Quality control

At this stage, the water is exposed and this is neutralized by any microbiological inclusion and is made pure water.


The most modern European production lines - SIPA, Sidel and MAtrix - provide automatic filling and packing of drinking water in Ozgadabay.

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